söndag 6 februari 2011

I don't consider this to be a debate with you!

Jag har varit inne på Reasonable Faith och lyssnat på podcast med William Lane Craig. Jag tyckte det var humoristiskt att lyssna på när William Lane Craig återgav sitt första möte med Richard Dawkins. Han sa så här:

"...Latter that evening, at the reception at the hotel, in walks Richard Dawkins. And I recognized him immediately and I saw that the direction he was moving across the room would take him right past me. So as he got near to me I stuck up my hand and I said "Hello, I'm Bill Craig, Pleased to meet you" and introduced myself and we shock hands. And then I said that "I'm suprised to find that you are on the panel for the debate". And he said ”And why not”? And I said ”Well because you have allways refused to debate me in the past.” ...and he said: ”I don't consider this to be a debate with you. The mexicans invited me to participate and I accepted." And he turned away and I said ”Well I hope we'll have a good discussion”. And he said ”I consider that very unlikely” and just walked of.."

Lyssna gärna själv på  "Richard Dawkins Meets Dr. Craig" (2011/01/17)

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